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In India, US Dollar Store initiated in year 2003 is pioneer of Single price stores in India. The merchandise for pilot stores was initiated from America. Thereon as the volumes grew over the years with more than 200 operational stores in India, the merchandise is being imported from China, Indonesia, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Uk and various other countries including USA. US Dollar stores a leading deep discount single price retail stores in India were founded by entrepreneur Gaurav Sahni owner of Nanson Overseas Private Limited. The company Nanson operated by Gaurav Sahni and his brother Gautam Sahni has an established sourcing, consolidation and network for past more than 2 decades of supply bases worldwide. The strength of direct sourcing without intermediaries and stocking huge variety of merchandise readily as and when needed at the store shelves has given the company an edge over competition. The brand US Dollar store is very popular in India and associated with fun store selling exclusive merchandise gathered globally.

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