The Purge Anarchy Makeup

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As Shane and Liz try to find safer hiding places, the purge commences. Eva and Cali are attacked by their lustful superintendent Diego, who felt insulted in the past by Eva, but he is gunned down by a paramilitary platoon, which captures the women to offer them to their leader Big Daddy for his own personal purge. Leo passes by the scene and rescues them after killing the troops and wounding Big Daddy. They find Shane and Liz hiding in Leo's car. The group flees just as Big Daddy fires at them, damaging the vehicle. After Leo's car breaks down, the group flees on foot, and Eva promises Leo a new car from her co-worker, Tanya, in exchange for Leo’s protection. As they navigate the hostile streets, they find evidence that the anti-Purge group has been gaining the upper hand against the Purgers, discovering a paramilitary van surrounded by soldiers who were shot to death by the resistance fighters. After freeing Shane from a trap and taking guns from the abandoned truck, they head to the subways. There, a pyrotechnic Purging gang invades the subways and sets hiding people on fire, causing chaos. Shane is wounded, but the group manages to escape after he and Liz destroy the gang's all-terrain vehicle and its propane tank with the salvaged submachine guns, killing the entire gang.

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