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As of September 2010, company representatives declared a change in focus for the company. In an attempt to go further "up-market", the company has focused itself on furniture gallery offerings at higher price points to distinguish itself from competitors like Pottery Barn. Locations have begun adding the term "Gallery" to their marques to indicate the change. The company designs, markets, and sells its collections through its retail stores, source books, and online. The San Francisco Chronicle has reported that, "One of the key strategies that set RH apart is its approach to inventory. While most retailers design things in-house, RH created a different model. "We have one full-time designer, Suzi Bolognese, working directly from London on our catalogs and displays" [its CEO] Friedman said. "We find artists we love and 'curate' [the client]. "" The company has partnered with artisans and designers in the production of its lines. Jim Cramer of CNBC stated that source books were a tactic to move past the "four walls of the web" and to make it "exciting for people to shop again". He also stated that RH is a market disruptor, often to the point that it "disrupts itself". In a different piece, Cramer stated that the company was reinventing the concept of the brick and mortar store, including the use of very large flagship stores in unusual locations.

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