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BCI Eclipse Home Entertainment LLC officially released Ultraman on two separate DVD volumes released in 2006 and 2007, licensed from then-rights holder Chaiyo Productions. BCI’s first DVD release of the original Ultraman featured the first 20 episodes, while the second Ultraman DVD release by BCI Eclipse featured the final 19 episodes of the original series, all presented uncut, unedited and re-mastered in color with stereo sound. These releases also featured the original Japanese soundtrack and the English dub (where available). When Navarre folded BCI/Eclipse in December 2008, the series was shuffled over to Navarre's other home video label, Mill Creek Entertainment. In June 2009, Mill Creek re-released the complete series set on September 29, 2009, in a four-disc set with the same special features from the previous release. In Japan, there have been numerous releases in numerous home video formats over the last 25 years (from VHS to DVD) on several labels, including Bandai's various home video divisions, including Bandai Visual.

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